Life/Career Training

Community Workshops available free* to the public, check our events page for dates and times. Workshops are provided by IE Design:

* Several workshops have a fee for books, workbooks and/or materials.

Unlimited Success Workshops

A complete crash course in career building, making more money, boosting sales and cultivating great relationships.

Personal Finance Workshops

Learn how to pay off all your debt in 5-7 years without making more money.

*workbook and materials

Entrepreneurial Workshops

Everything you need to dominate your market.

Self Improvement Workshops

The best investment you can make is in yourself.

*workbook and materials

Spiritual Workshops

Break through the ties that are holding you back.

*book and materials

Family and Relationship Workshops

Practical tools to becoming a better spouse, parent, and friend..

*workbook and materials

Business and Career Workshops

Take the misery out of job hunting and become the person that everyone wants to hire and promote,   conquer the world of social media marketing, rule the real estate market, and own your time.

*workbook and materials