Inspirational Expressions and Design, LLC - owner/artist Tonya Mills

In 2009 Tonya Mills began a painting ministry through her local church youth rally. Since beginning Inspirational Expressions she has painted at numerous events; church services, youth camps, family reunions, veteran events, fundraising events... just to name a few. She now has over 40 paintings in the works. New paintings come to her on a regular basis and most events are customized and a new painting is reveled. Most paintings come to her through music however she has been known to receive images through scripture and books.

You must see this amazing talent, Tonya dips her hands into buckets of paint, hence the Extreme Fingerpainting title, and creates a masterpiece in less than 30 minutes while you listen to a variety of songs, with the last being the key to the painting. You will be blessed when you attended one of her events!

Recently Inspirational Expressions added several extras; we are wanting to share with our community "Bringing Art Alive" events and IE Design Apparel.