Sharing יהוה Love Through Community, Art, and Design!


Our unique business provides:

  • Live paintings to music adding a special touch to your event.

  • Workshops: Ceramics/Pottery.

  • Free Community Life/Career Skills Training

  • Products designed to raise money for local organizations, caring for the poor, homeless, widows, orphans, and to help rescue children who are sold into the sex trade industry.

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IE Design


Keep checking back for our new line of clothing from several different companies and styles.

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Check out our Bringing Art Alive Events!

Bringing Art Alive ~ IE Design will bring all of the supplies and material needed for you and your family/friends to create a unique piece of artwork. (Choice of Clay or Painting) The host provides a location and IE Design does the rest. Prices vary and range between $10-$30 per person. 

Host Responsibilities ~ Invite guests to attend and provide a location to accommodate the guests. Host will submit a Save the Date request then once date is confirmed host will place a deposit to Save the Date through our product store.

Guest Responsibilities ~ Choose which item; small, medium, large, or painting (only for extreme finger-painting events) you would like to create from the product page, purchase item and the IE Design Artist will have everyone's clay portioned out saving time on the day of the event. 

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